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Dear, Sweet Guest Serves in a Practical Way

By Grace Prichard / March 31, 2017

We just love the guests who stay at Whispering Willows B and B… getting to know many of them has enriched our lives. Over the years, some guests have found practical ways to bless us over and beyond just being themselves. One of those guests is a dear, sweet lady who just loves taking something […]


God’s Masterpiece of Beauty

By Grace Prichard / November 7, 2016

  God’s masterpiece of beauty caught my eyes and heart, as I was, once again, laboring over some dishes this past week.  Glad for the many who were able to see that beautiful evidence of the changing season at Whispering Willows B and B.  Some have asked me (Grace), “Which season is your favorite out […]


You are not alone.

By admin / September 11, 2015

The other day I happened to look out my front window. Off into the distance I saw what I thought was a dog.  Looking intently, I realized that it was a baby deer.  “Ah, a little Bambi,” I thought. I always loved that story.  Wasn’t it Bambi’s mom who said, “If you don’t have anything […]


“Would you just like a bowl of cereal?”

By admin / July 7, 2015

That’s what I finally asked a precious young girl who recently visited Whispering Willows B and B with her mom for a mother/daughter weekend.  Oh I had the table set just so…tea cups ready with a selection of tea bags from which to choose…a beautiful assortment of fruit on a fancy plate… a garden frittata […]


Tea for Two Special!!

By admin / June 26, 2015

Ladies, do you have a special young gal in your life (age 7 on up)? For the month of July, 2015,  book The Sparrow ($90.00 a night) or The Radiant ($75.00 a night) at Whispering Willows Bed and Breakfast in Ridgeway, SC and then go to Laura’s Tea Room for her July special “Afternoon Tea” […]


What Do You Remember Most About Grandma’s House?

By Grace Prichard / November 11, 2014

If you had a grandmother in your life as a young child, you probably have vivid memories of grandma, her house, her witticisms, and let’s be honest….her oddities! I remember one visit well… There’s a nice juicy hamburger, sizzling in the pan…any ten-year-old’s mouth would be watering for it….mine surely was…but, alas, it wouldn’t be […]


Pig on the Ridge – Biggest BBQ Event in South Carolina

By Grace Prichard / October 26, 2014

Hey folks…next weekend (Fri., Oct. 31st and Sat., Nov. 1st) is a fun one out here in Ridgeway for our annual “Pig on the Ridge” celebration. Bob and I love to go each year, buy our little string of coupons (reasonably priced), and check out the samples of all kinds of yummy stuff…chicken bog, chili, […]


4 Nights, 4 Bobs and Christmas in October?

By Grace Prichard / October 22, 2014

That’s what this past week looked like here at Whispering Willows B and B. For the past 17 years this sweet group of college mates have chosen a vacation spot to visit together in order to renew their friendship and just enjoy being together. I was honored this year to be their hostess for 4 […]


A Splash of Autumn

By Grace Prichard / October 10, 2014

There’s a “Splash of Orange” out here at Whispering Willows B and B and we’ll be seeing more of it soon! Oh, y’all, I looked out our window the other day and gasped, “THERE IT IS! AUTUMN HAS ARRIVED!” And just in time for a special wedding, too! Details….the things to remember, the things to […]


My Father’s Voice

By Grace Prichard / October 1, 2014

“Grace? Grace?” I knew a newly-arrived guest needed something, but for just a moment, I had to completely stop and re-group. His voice. It was his voice. It was the same voice as my dad’s. Truly, it sounded just like my dad. Well, for a few seconds, I was completely overwhelmed…couldn’t really bring myself to […]

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